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Three-dimensional learning that incorporates the disciplinary core ideas, the science practices and the cross-cutting concepts is the driving force for improving the student learning experience. In order to better integrate the different topics typically taught in the high school classroom, storyline units that are coherent and phenomenon-driven have been created so that students can make sense of how science works in real world situations. Participants will engage in an immersion in a life science storyline to see firsthand how storylines engage students and will reflect on the implementation and assessment of the Three Dimensions.

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The All Species Education Consulting group includes nationally recognized, award-winning educators who are highly trained in the implementation of three-dimensional learning. We strive to illustrate the effectiveness of using phenomenon and natural student curiosity to drive instruction and build coherence throughout your science course.

We offer a host of practical professional development opportunities that will allow educators and school leaders to better understand the effective implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards and three-dimensional learning. We have successfully developed model units and lessons that can provide a clear picture of the fundamental shift necessary in today’s science classrooms.

Our consultation goals are based on a needs assessment, but can include to

□ Provide guidance for implementing the new science standards for your state, based on the Framework for K-12 Science Education and/or the Next Generation Science Standards,

□ Lead teachers through a three-dimensional learning experience that demonstrates how to use phenomena to drive instruction, and/or

□ Allow teachers to analyze authentic student work to better understand three-dimensional assessments are utilized.