All Species Education Consulting

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The All Species Education Consulting group includes nationally recognized, award-winning educators who are highly trained in the implementation of three-dimensional learning. We strive to illustrate the effectiveness of using phenomenon and natural student curiosity to drive instruction and build coherence throughout your science course.

We offer a host of practical professional development opportunities that will allow educators and school leaders to better understand the effective implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards and three-dimensional learning. We have successfully developed model units and lessons that can provide a clear picture of the fundamental shift necessary in today’s science classrooms.

Our consultation goals are based on a needs assessment, but can include to

□ Provide guidance for implementing the new science standards for your state, based on the Framework for K-12 Science Education and/or the Next Generation Science Standards,

□ Lead teachers through a three-dimensional learning experience that demonstrates how to use phenomena to drive instruction, and/or

□ Allow teachers to analyze authentic student work to better understand three-dimensional assessments are utilized.